The Fable Forest team is back to bring you a second exciting season of the Art of 8 Limbs! 

This season is electric! Tenured and new fighters, heavyweights and lean mean fighting machines, early fight stoppages, and a title fight! We can not wait for people to have the opportunity to see these athletes in their element! 

If you love watching all the stand up action of the UFC, then Muay Thai is the sport to watch, and the ‘Art of 8 Limbs’ series captures all the action and stories!  

Year: 2020
Director: Adrian Konstant
Producer: Jason T Green
RunTime: 8 episodes (24 min in length)
Genre: Combat Sport / Docu-Series

The Art of 8 Limbs follows Muay Thai fighters from across Ontario as they prepare to do battle.  The Art of 8 Limbs, more commonly known as Muay Thai, is the national sport of Thailand. It is widely regarded as the most devastating and feared martial art in and outside of the ring

Year: 2018
Director: Adrian Konstant
Producer: Jason T Green
RunTime: 5 episodes (15-25 min in length)
Genre: Combat Sport / Docu-Series

Gregory Hammond, a creative soul with a lifetime of regrets, has been given a few months to live. Helpless, he finds himself in the town of Huntsville to live out the rest of his days, when a chance encounter sparks hope for a brief love affair. At the very least, Gregory has found his Muse.

Writer/Director: Adrian Konstant

Producer: Jason T Green             

RunTime: 6min

Genre: Romance, Short



Old Tucker Herman is told that he’ll not be the one to light the tree at this year’s tree lighting ceremony. Instead he must ‘pass the torch’ to either his son or son-in-law. Tucker hatches a dark scheme that pits two families against each other, the victor inheriting his substantial fortune. Comical shenanigans ensue as both families find themselves embroiled and entwined in each other’s lives and ultimately deaths.As ghosts they must see the error of their ways and learn to get along, before the end of the tree lighting ceremony, or else be forced to do it all again. This dark Shakespearean comedy will tickle your other funny bone.

Writer/Director: Adrian Konstant
Producer: Jason T Green
RunTime: 1hr 26min
Genre: Comedy


POSTMEN (2015) – Film/TV concept – IN DEVELOPMENT 

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Director: Adrian Konstant              

Writer: Michael Wurtz               

Producer: Jason T Green 


A family that is struggling to survive collides with a mysterious vagabond that wants to die. In the collision between these two forces there is a process of healing. The mystery continues to unfold regarding the vagabonds past and his magical red guitar that seems to weigh down his memories of love lost.

Writer/Director: Adrian Konstant           RunTime: 1hr 46min

Producers:                                                  Genre: Drama

Adrian Konstant
Derek Lackenbauer
Heather Konstant
Christian Koenig
Jason T Green

There is a secret place that we know of, where the soil is filled with imagination. Over more years than you can imagine, a whispering wood has sprung forth, trees with tales to be told for those who would listen.


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