Fable Forest Films is a Film and Television production company based in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region of Ontario, Canada.

Adrian Konstant

Adrian started his career in the film industry as a production assistant, then moving into the camera department in Cape Town, South Africa. He grew his film resume with a move to Vancouver, searching for bigger and better opportunities.

Meeting his wife and a move to Ontario prompted Adrian to write and direct, ‘I Was A Greenhouse’. With a feature under his belt, he launched Fable Forest Films, a company dedicated to the production of narrative films and TV shows. Adrian then wrote and directed ‘Bickerman’s Grove’, which was selected for Hamilton Film Festival and the Grand River Film Festival at the end of 2016.

Adrian grows with every project and understands the long game. Each film success is an integral step in creating a sustainable and vibrant film foothold in the KW region.

Jason Green

Jason has managed teams of people at BlackBerry for many years and has become a natural producing creative content, with Fable Forest Films.

After producing ‘Bickerman’s Grove’ and ‘I Was A Greenhouse’, Jason took the lead as Producer for ‘Postmen’ a concept brought through the Cinecoup accelerator program. Successfully building this property to the investment stage in preparation for future development, Jason has set his sights on growing the Fable Forest brand.

Now that the team has completed their latest short film ‘My Huntsville Muse’ which will be heading to the festival circuit, Jason is focused on getting the ducks in a row for ‘Shifted’. Jason is the engine, that remains calm in any situation and always gets the job done.