First Frames First 94: Reaching out to a Registered Social Worker

Mar 16, 2021

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The lads continue the discussion from last episode about artist depression and breaking free from a negative thought loop. This time they are lucky to be joined by Jeff S. from who holds a Master’s in Social Work

Part 1 of the conversation – Ep#93: Getting out of a Negative Thought Loop

Fable Forest Update:

  • Happy Birthday to Adrian! We got you a counsellor!
  • Adrian is continuing to work on VFX this week. He is working on fixing a neck bump on one of the actresses before she starts changing into a monster.
  • The lads have been doing prep work for an upcoming virtual pitch for a film/television concept!

Call To Action:

  • Hey guys, please subscribe or like and COMMENT right here on the live show. Throw some questions in the mix for our guest and we will do our best to get to as many as possible. 

MAIN SEGMENT – Hot4Teacher

Very lucky to bring in Jeff Stanlick from to have the opportunity to discuss dealing and handling depression and getting out of a negative thought loop with a professional.

Jeff gave us a great Video to kick us off
Mental Health – In Our Own Words

The Questions We Ask and Get Answered from Jeff.

1: What exactly is depression?
2: What are some of the signs and symptoms that someone is going through depression?
3: How is depression diagnosed and treated?
4: Is depression more prevalent in men or women? / Different Age Groups / Demographics?
5: What are some treatments to depression?
6: We are concerned with people that are trying to conquer an artistic or creative endeavor. Often these are linked to hoping the world at large will adore their work, which is most often not the case. This can often lead to sadness and often depression. Specific to this kind of person, what would you prescribe to keep the clouds away.
7: What are some alternative ways of treating depression? How could someone get unstuck?
8: Where are some places and organizations people could reach out to if they are feeling like they may be depressed?

Whatcha Watchin?

  • Adrian has finished reading ‘Silent Bob Speaks’ – Thoroughly entertaining. A look at a few diary entries of his life leading up to the shooting of JERSEY GIRLS. Kevin Smith is a really funny guy – but that is all you get from the book and he would be happy with that.  

“I do wonder what kind of filmmaker he would have become if he didn’t make it huge on his first film. If Clerks didn’t explode and he was forced to carry on exploring the kinds of stories he might like to tell. “

  • Jay – Chato’s Land (Charles Bronson / Jack Pallance) Jay and Lex are watching old Cowboy movies to get all the Cowboy / Western goodness to jam pack into a new script they are working on together Father and Son stylez!

  • Jeff watches mainly kids shows these days. His kids are working their way through numberblocks and alphablocks on Netflix.

Learn to Count to 6 – numberblocks

Adrian of course also watches a ton of children’s programming and can’t recommend Bluey enough. Adrian thinks Bluey teaches kids how to play and mom and dad how to be better parents!

Bluey on Disney+

Makin it Rain

For the month of March, the Fable Forest is sending their $25 to the Stratford Festival. The Stratford Festival is an enormous slice of our region’s artistic pie. Last year with cancelled productions COVID has been quite hard on them as well. With our help, they are hoping to adapt and bring many great productions (hopefully some Shakespeare) back in an under the tent experience for this season.

If you can, do as we do, and toss a couple bucks to keep dream alive!


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  • Frozen 2
  • Hook

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