First Frames First 91: 6 Steps To Writing A Great Short Story

Feb 18, 2021

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The lads go LIVE with the incredibly creative Tina Konstant – Author and Waffle-Free Storyteller to share experiences and teach YOU how to write a short story you can be happy with in 6 Steps!!! Want to submit to a contest? Want to WOW your friends? This show is for you!

*Show Notes*
Fable Forest Update:
– Accounting All Caught Up – Starting Tax Season and Looking at Film and Television Production Tax Credits
– Shifted working more VFX – Doing Monster Shots.
– We are signing up this week for a tool to help with our Social Media (SocialBee)

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Visit the Home of Waffle Free Storytelling – Listen to a show, come back and tell us which was your favorite? Full circle…

MAIN SEGMENT – Hot4Teacher
Writing short stories from scratch

– Talking about Tina’s background.
– How many short stories do you write in a given week?
– How do you come up with an idea for what to write?

– Breakdown the steps on writing a short story. 6 steps to writing a story you’ll love.
1: Decide to Publish
2: Decide how often you are going to publish
3: Make sure that you are publishing frequently
4: This creates a fertile ground metal for creativity – when you know that you have to produce content regularly.
5: Work until you get that gut feeling, that ‘this is right.’
6: Do whatever works for you. Make sure that whatever you write does have your own style and brand.

Whatcha Watchin? (Or Readin?)
Hunters on Amazon Prime

– Adi
Sicario (Amazon Prime and Netflix) – Director: Denis Villeneuve / Cinematographer: Roger Deakins
Adrian & Jay have been listening to the amazing Team Deakins Podcast

Married at First Sight (A guilty little Aussie pleasure!! A reality TV series with arranged marriages!)

Tina’s DESERT ISLAND MOVIES: If you were marooned on a desert island, what would be the three movies that you would take with you.
– Hair: The Musical
– Anything with Jackie Chan (Rumble in the Bronx / Rush Hour)
– Lakehouse

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