First Frames First 90: Is Fear Stopping You From Finishing?

Feb 11, 2021

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Fable Forest Update:
Adrian and Jay have submitted a new series concept to the ScreenCraft Virtual Pitch competition! We would be honored to have the opportunity to pitch at these industry experts! Check out more detail here:

To hone our skills for this and future pitches we attended a live Virtual Pitch Panel with Nicole Perlman (Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel), Ben Cory Jones (Showrunner/Writer Insecure/Boomerang ), and Vanessa Taylor (The Shape of Water, Hillbilly Elegy, Game of Thrones)

You owe it to yourselves to go and watch the replay!

PostProduction Update for ‘Shifted’
Adrian: I finished some blurring of the monsters that are walking around 2 characters of ours. I am currently working on adding some blood splatter to one of our actress’s face as she does battle. Working hard and I am in the final quarter of the VFX shots for the film. 

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MAIN SEGMENT – Whiny Babies
Is Fear Stopping You From Finishing?

As I have been moving through the landscape of creating something and then presenting it to the world there are a few things that became clear to me. I was surrounded by people who could get really really excited about something and then stop. 

I have encountered people who cannot push themselves to the point that they are standing there within a finished product. They cannot do it ever and I want to dive into that a little. 

I want to talk a little bit about why people end up making excuses for the fact that they cannot finish a creative endeavor that they start. 

I believe that people stop when and don’t finish particularly in the landscape of creativity because it’s hard and when they realize that there is judgement at the end. When you finish then you have something that can be judged. If you don’t finish no one can ever tell you that it sucks and that you failed and so people tend to not finish for fear of failure. 

Discuss Jason’s inability to finish the Glade, and let’s see what he has to say for himself.

Whatcha Watchin? (Or Readin?)

Adi – Rebel Without a Crew
What I loved so much about this book was that you really are with Robert Rodruigez on his entire journey from zero to hero. And there are some really important takeaways from this book. The first and very importantly don’t expect to do the same thing. 

But this is a blueprint for how to be successful.
1: Robert practiced the craft of making films by making shorts after shorts after shorts.
2: He did it enough that he got good at it.
3: When he went to shoot the film he had every single shot in his head. He knew the location and he knew how he was going to shoot every single scene.
4: He did it. He went out and he did it.
5: He worked as if he was going to die in a week. He pushed hard. The hours he was working to finish that film were insane.
6: He went and took meetings and met people and knocked on doors and got out there. His movie noticed – And he was off to the races. 

Now any filmmakers out there should not expect that their first feature is going to make them a super star. The film industry has changed a lot since then. But – Practice, Over Prepare, Execute, Work fucking hard, and then knock on doos and good things will eventually start happening.

You should read it!

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This month we are throwing a couple shekels @  a nonprofit world music presenter dedicated to building bridges in the community through music, dance, drama, and literary and visual arts.

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