First Frames First 7: Actor Derek Lackenbauer is DMan!

Jun 7, 2017

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Special show with guest star, amazing actor, our friend Derek Lackenbauer! We discuss his film experience as an actor working with us on “I Was A Greenhouse“, “Bickerman’s Grove” and “Postmen“! We also get into his experiences before we were even in the picture!

Watch Derek act his ass off in our Trailers!

Since Derek is our Special Guest we decided we’d spend a 1/2 hour at the end of the show and recap our SON OF A PITCH project!  We recorded the video as well and will post to YouTube next week!

Son of a Pitch is a segment where Fable Forest Films will work a project all the way from concept, through brainstorming, script writing, Pre, Prod, Post, distribution, etc.

The Rules So Far?
1) It must be a movie they can make for $5-10K
2) Attempt should be made to keep the locations to a minimum
3) Should be something we are excited to shoot
4) More rules allowed…

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