First Frames First 4: Son of a Pitch!

Apr 26, 2017

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In this long winded show the lads talk about Marvel and TV shows, discuss some marketing plans, and get into their newest segment where they plan to bring the listeners on the full journey start to finish on a project!

New rule for the show starting from this pint on!  New booze each episode!
Adrian: We’re going to run out of beers…
Jason: Will we??
Adrian: Of course…how many beers are there??
Jason: Who knows… Isn’t this exciting?
Referenced in the Show:

  • After talking about Marvel Movies and other TV shows for a bit, J talks about his concept for a TV show called “Kings”
  • The lads discuss Sales Funnels and Social Media Tie-Ins
  • Adrian “geeks out” when J gets an email from famous script consultant Pilar Alessandra (
  • We get updates on both scripts being worked by the team. (Quorum and Artificial)
  • J’s most anticipated popcorn movie of the summer!!! BABY DRIVER


The guys discuss working a project all the way from concept, through brainstorming, script writing, Pre, Prod, Post, distribution, etc.  In this episode… They start pitching at each other.

The Rules?
1) It must be a movie they can make for $5-10K
2) Attempt should be made to keep the locations to a minimum
3) Should be something we are excited to shoot
4) More rules allowed…

Street Magic, Vigilante Genre Flick, Behind the Scenes Playhouse Episodic Comedy…who knows what future episodes will bring!

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