First Frames First 2: Snagging Inspiration with director Jason Armstrong

Mar 29, 2017

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For a kick-ass second episode the lads hijack director Jason Armstrong from what was supposed to be a quick meeting of the minds! So much Ontarian talent in one room!

Jason Armstrong:
Advice from his stunt coordinator: “If you shoot this tonight you’re going to hate it, but tomorrow you’re going to be so glad you don’t have to shoot it!”
JSn’s Advice: “Surround yourself with people who legitimately know what they are doing.  Learn from peoples mistakes Make art!”
And don’t forget kids: “Even when making movies is hard, you are still making movies!”

Referenced in the show:

  • BetaMax vs. VHS Players – Celebrity Death Match
  • Jamie Kennedy’s new Podcast HATE TO BREAK IT TO YA
  • A crazy night at the Blood In The Snow festival!
    • The hectic moments @ Cineplex, how they made it right, and the details behind Jason’s film Inspiration!
    • Peter Campbell’s short “Taking Possession” got the raw deal, we can not WAIT to get the opportunity to see it again with proper audio! It has just the right amount of Spooky and Peter is looking forward to being on our show and sharing!


Watch the entire The Hollywood Reporter – Uncensored TV Execs Interview.  *JG* Watched and LOVED the entire clip! Super Juicy!

You can find Jason at his site and on Twitter @SKGFilms.
His ring of keys unlock stories!

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