First Frames First 19: Talking Indie Film with the RCMP!

Nov 8, 2017

** Special Note ** On this show we break down and SPOIL the movie ‘Cube’, by Canadian director Vincenzo Natali.  Before diving into the show, or if you really enjoyed listening to us blabber on, and want to help us out, consider picking up this Canadian Classic!!

As indie filmmakers we know how to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! For episode 19 we slap our intro onto the podcast we were invited on to by the amazing guys at the Royal Canadian Movie Podcast! We talk about the great Canadian Horror flick Cube!
I mean… we may as well use the blurb that the amazing Becky Shrimpton and Cam Maitland from RCMPodcast wrote about the show:
“This week, we’re joined by the one-two punch of the filmmakers and podcasters behind Fable Forest Films and the First Frames First Podcast, Jason Green and Adrian Konstant. For the final installment of 2017’s Shocktober we cover the 1997 sci-fi puzzle classic Cube. We talk creating the perfect ticking clock device for your film, working around budget limitations, and which of us would survive the Cube. We also discuss tips and tricks for avoiding dehydration and debate the ethics of autonomous cars – Jason and Adrian are so delightful and chatty we end up all over the place – but find we were where we needed t be all along! Start sucking your button listeners, and join us for this math-nerd horror classic.”
We hope you guys enjoy this episode, we can’t wait to invite the RCMPodcast team back onto our show as they have experience with Film Review and Voice Acting! Please go and check out Becky and Cam’s show!! We really enjoyed the ‘American Mary’ episode with our good buddy JSn Armstrong!

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