Art of 8 Limbs – Season 2


The Fable Forest team is back to bring you a second exciting season of the Art of 8 Limbs! 

This season is electric! Tenured and new fighters, heavyweights and lean mean fighting machines, early fight stoppages, and a title fight! We can not wait for people to have the opportunity to see these athletes in their element! 

If you love watching all the stand up action of the UFC, then Muay Thai is the sport to watch, and the ‘Art of 8 Limbs’ series captures all the action and stories!  

Directer: Adrian Konstant               RunTime: 8 episodes (24 min in length)

Producer: Jason T Green                  Genre: Combat Sport / Docu-Series



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8 Limbs 2 Team on Rogers TV!

Before the big fight night Sept 14th, 2019 the team got the opportunity to let the KW Region know what was going on with a spot on Rogers TV!

Adrian and Jason talked about both seasons of the show and Fable Forest Films, our fiercely local independent film and tv company.

Chris Greig spoke about his involvement running the fight nights and talked about his gym TKO Fighting Arts!

*full video spot included in the video extras section

There is a secret place that we know of, where the soil is filled with imagination. Over more years than you can imagine, a whispering wood has sprung forth, trees with tales to be told for those who would listen.


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