Art of 8 Limbs – Season 1


The Art of 8 Limbs is a series of episodic martial art documentaries that follow amateur fighters as they train for an upcoming match.

Each episode culminates in a thrilling, and fully sanctioned fight. Viewers are treated to emotional, personal stories alongside plenty of combat sport action

Director: Adrian Konstant
Producer: Jason T Green
RunTime: 5 episodes (15-25 min in length)
Genre: Combat Sport / Docu-Series


Episode 1: Jon vs. Chris

A hockey kid steps into the ring with a much taller opponent.  Will it be training style, natural talent or pain tolerance that will determine the winner?

Episode 2: Shahin vs. Jay

Will Jay’s calm, methodical demeanor help him against scrappy and aggressive Shahin?

Episode 3: Yasmina vs. Taylor

Southern Ontario’s fierce female fighters step into the ring in this episode. Will Taylor’s height and reach be a match for the firecracker ‘Sit N Rip’ style of Yasmina?

Episode 4: Dan vs. Shane

Dan ‘The Cobra’ Sopa, a newcomer in the Muay Thai community takes on an MMA style fighter. Two high pedigree gyms in this ancient art are about to square off.

Episode 5: Justin vs. Dan

Handsome, happy-go-lucky Dan Kechego, is about to face his toughest opponent, Justin Holden, the monster of TKO Fighting Arts in Kitchener!  Get ready for a battle

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Stay Tuned for seperate videos showcasing each fight in its entirety, shown from one camera angle.

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Snap’d Kitchener/Waterloo – Live Muay Thai Fights

Live Muay Thai fights returned to Maxwell’s in Waterloo on April 28th. Sanctioned by Muay Thai Ontario, the sold out event was packed with action all night long! Bell Fibe TV1 & Fable Forest Films Productions have completed a documentary series… (Read Full Article)

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