First Frames First 93: Break the Negative Thought Loop

Mar 4, 2021

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So many reasons to feel down. Artists wear their hearts on their sleeves where they can get damaged. Sometimes a person can get struck in a negative thought loop. Jason and Adrian talk a bit about how they try to handle bad mental states.

*Show Notes*
Fable Forest Update:
– Jay gets the Fable Forest Corp Taxes done and mailed into Winnipeg!
– Shifted working more VFX – Moving into Final 1/4 of VFX shots
– Fable Forest has landed a couple corporate gigs! Thank you Universe!
– The team will have the opportunity to pitch the Postmen concept out into the world once again! Shhh!

MAIN SEGMENT – Whiny Babies!
Speaking of Negative thought loops – Jay recounts the story of feeling so low that h was not even able to do a show about Breaking from a Negative Thought Loop the week prior and instead bringing in special guest Mike for a talk about TENET!!  (Check out Episode 92)

Adrian talks about the build up of internal frustration, coming to a low point and what he did to break free.

Jay finished his short story during a bout of depression and procrastination.  Keep an eye on our Facebook Page for upcoming links to our short stories!

The guys share their feelings, plus tips and tricks for fighting those bad vibes in this quick episode.

Adrian tells one of the stories, given to him by an amazing Muay Thai coach we know, that changed his life about a fighter with a broken arm during a fight.

#Go Team #DreamBig #WorkHard

Whatcha Watchin? (Or Readin?)
-Jay & Adrian
American Gods! Both Jay and Adrian are watching. Adrian says it’s enjoyably sexual. Ha!

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