First Frames First 3: Hey, It’s Good to have a Goal!

Apr 12, 2017

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What are we going to do this year? The Fable Forest guys talk about the importance of having something to drive towards… this one went a little long!

Now look… For the record… this show… takes some… rough turns…when these old filmmakers talk about health issues… you may want to… Oh God who knows… I guess go ahead and listen… 🙁

Be warned… we do compare J’s piss to Tom Hanks in a League of their own and Adi wonders what the ISO was on the 4K Camera used in his Colonoscopy?

In 2016, The Fable Forest had a big year!  We completed our Website, completed post production on “Bickerman’s Grove” which made it into 2 Film Festivals, and then both “Bickerman’s Grove” and “I Was A Greenhouse” into the Video On Demand market.

Back in MidMarch the lads sit down to talk goals for 2017!

Referenced in the Show:

Have you checked out our YouTube Channel? More and More Videos are Coming! Here is the one of Adrian we were talking about on the show!

  • The guys discuss each of their Social Platforms & how they use them.

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Tom Hanks Pees

The Uptown Funk Movie Mashup! J wants to film a musical number!

J’s Experience with Cabin Rules!!

  • We tease what will become a new future section of the show, where The Fable Forest runs through the entire film-making process from conception to bringing to market and beyond.

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  1. Dman

    I’m enjoying the listen gents.

    • ffadmin

      So happy to hear! We can’t wait to have you on! Going to ROCK!


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