Mega Fans

We told you the Mega Fan project was going to start off basic!

You are our Mega Fans & We want to put your names in the Credits of our films!! From now on!!

Do you enjoy watching the credits of feature films on the big screen to see the names and job titles of all the people who took part and supported the creation of a movie??  We do to! And you know what? We want to put the names of our Mega Fans into our credits, so that you can be a part of our journey and see your name flash by!

We CAN NOT build our brand, keep growing, and be a success without you! So today we launch the MegaFan page at it’s most basic.

What is the Program? Simple. Jump through a few hoops with us and your name goes into the credits of our next film as a Mega Fan, a supporter of our little journey!

The first movie this will affect is going to be our horror / murder mystery ‘Winter Wonderland’ going into production March 2018.
To kick the program off we are going to keep it easy, and for future films who knows, but each time we’ll ask you to do something fun, that helps us out!

To be recognized as a MegaFan this round you need to do the following:
1) Be on our mailing list! (There is a big signup button on our homepage)
Then from the same email you receive our mailer, send an email to with photos or screenshots with proof that you:
2) Have opened iTunes and have given our podcast a star rating and review; and
3) Subscribed to our YouTube Channel (home to our podcasts, film history videos, etc, etc)

It is that simple… give us a few days after you send in your email with the proof of your MegaFandom and we will get your name up in the appropriate section of the ‘Winter Wonderland’ page and prep to have your name appear in the film credits!!

Even if you aren’t acting, or behind the camera doing one of a thousand jobs, you are here with us and we want to share the journey with you!

Watch our short 'My Huntsville Muse' & See The First 25 Min Of Our Films For Free.