Trapped inside a suburban house by mysterious man-eating creatures roaming the neighborhood, a small group of survivors try to understand their new outside world, and more importantly, catch the murderer living amongst them.

This murder mystery, laid inside a monster movie, is going to chill you to the bone! Welcome to Winter Wonderland!

Location: Kitchener, ON


Casting Completed for the Following Roles

Male 50-70 years old
Seen it all. Been to war. Knows electronics, morse code. He just is practical. He comes from a time before the internet. He is grumpy as fuck. He rubs people the wrong way and thinks its his way or the highway.

Male 28-38 years old
University for Law School. Smart man. Used to be a playboy wanted the fast car, big house hot trophy wife and now has nothing. Brother-in-Law to Becka

Female 28-37 years old
Stay at home mom. She was a flight attendant and enjoyed freedom before accidently getting pregnant. Angry at herself for not running and saving her husband and daughter from monsters. Driven by sorrow. Kind of wishes she was dead. Wants to die but is afraid of death. Sister-in-Law of Frankie.

Male 40-50 years old
Mountain Man - Gruff - Survival at all Costs - Understands how to survive in the new monster filled world.

Female Early 20s (Comfortable with a female kiss scene)
She out ran her parents to survive. She wants to survive at all costs for the memory of her parents. Wants to stay super busy. Has a hard time being comfortable. Is most at ease with Hannah.

Female 20-30 years old (Comfortable with a female kiss scene)
Hannah is stuck across the road in another house. She is a lesbian who is very skittish and has been through the shit. She seems like an innocent younger girl, but can lash out in an instant and surprise anyone who may get in her way. She and Lauren begin communicating at night with lights before Hannah makes her way to the main house early in the film.

Male 40-50 years old
Mild mannered teacher - Leader - Always looking for understanding / needs answers. Frustrated that he doesn’t understand his new world.

Male - Age not important
Not a big man. A snake. Plagued by migraines. Resourceful, always on the lookout for a way to stay ahead of the game, always sticking things in his pockets and looking through people's things.

Female 22-28 years old
Pregnant. Always hungry. Always whining about wanting to protect her baby and how her husband left her. Loves to stir shit and cause division. (See Sid)

Additional Supporting Cast Needs
Male 20-35
Married to Cindy. First to die in the film. Has great monologue. Is done with the house and has to leave. Cabin fever. Too much sitting around doing nothing.

Female 30-40 years old
Condescending / Stereotypical Attractive Female Bitch

Female 60s
Stereotypical disapproving Mother-In-Law willing to get in someones face and belittle them.

Dead Neighbors
Family of 2-3 people needed to be dead.

Wife and Son
Wife Female late 30s, Son early teens.

Lauren’s Mom and Dad
Male and Female 40s-50s

Creatures / Marauders / Dead Bodies (DoubleUps)
4-6 People willing to be running around in the snow, slipping falling in make-up. Potential bare feet in snow for moments.
Bad Boys, who kill wife/son
Dead people