Five Alarm

Five Alarm is a half hour, single camera comedy for mature audiences that follows a group of small town firefighters struggling to keep their fire hall open. Five Alarm melds a flow of shows like Brooklyn Nine Nine with an edginess found in Archer.

*The humour can be adjusted to suit any audience

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Character List

Chief Archibald Fitzgerald

Cynical and dark man who has political ambitions to the highest level. He will cheat, steal and do what ever he needs to get what he wants.


Firefighter Margery North (everyone calls HIM ‘North’)

He is the regular guy. A good firefighter and always sees the best in people. He believes he is a real life super-hero and is the un-proclaimed leader of the team.


Firefighter Knox Charger

A bit of a meat-head. He is not the best at taking social cues. He loves sexy time, drinking, and having fun.


Firefighter Sandra Long

Smart and sexy. Sandra wants to take over for the Chief after he gets into politics.


Firefighter Elmo Plink

The Chief’s faithful slave firefighter who serves the Chief like a faithful dog. Never questions. Elmo loves the Chief.


Receptionist Kristy Humbugga

In touch with everything that happens at the fire hall, she is also unabashedly in love with North.


Firefighter Darlene Williams

Darlene is a large, rough around the edges, sexually liberated, straight talking, member of the team.


Probie Firefighter

This is a revolving character. In every episode the Probie will die, resign, or get fired, giving us one revolving character that changes from episode to episode.


Valda Strudel

Tough local politician that wants to shut this particular fire department down. It is a waste of money and she believes that the fire department one town over could cover their town too. It is her life’s mission to bring Chief Fitzgerald to his knees.



This is Valda’s second in command. He is her slave and her minion and feels trapped under the foot of his ferocious boss.


Carmine Strudel

Valda’s mother who loves Chief Fitzgerald.


Night Janitor Gus

A crusty old man that has been working at the fire hall his entire life and just shows up at the oddest times and says the strangest things.


Police Officer Daryl Berry

He is a cop that interacts with the firefighters regularly. He always does the wrong thing without consequence.


Fire Hall 5 is in complete disarray. Under the leadership of their new chief, the team struggles to keep the fire hall afloat. Events and obstacles force them to become closer as a team, but by the end of the season it isn’t enough to stop Valda Strudle from getting her wish and shutting the fire hall down for good.


Episode 1:  The Calendar

The Chief’s nemesis, Valda Strudel is determined to shut the fire hall down. In order to save their jobs and the fire hall, the team decides to do a semi-nude calendar.

Episode 2: Recertification

Kristy forgets to file some official paperwork and the entire team needs to take their fireman’s exam again. With the help of a new super fire fighter, will they be able to come together and make a plan to get Darlene’s huge ass through the endurance section.

Episode 3: Better in Every Way

Valda Strudel overlaps regions so that our fire hall ends up competing on fire calls with a much bigger and more advanced fire hall. Will they rise to the challenge, or will they sneak and sabotage their way to being the best?

Episode 4: Clean-up on Aisle Four

A heard of cows gets mowed down by a train. The team has to go and remove the bodies from the train tracks and that’s when Knox gets the bright idea to sell burgers and raise money for the struggling fire hall.

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