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Episode 33: Malko and his Mobile Movie Making Machine


Episode 33: Malko and his Mobile Movie Making Machine

Special Guest Star – ‘Shifted’ DOP Michael Malko talks about his start in this crazy business and we talk about Mike’s short film BLJZ 340 where Adrian and J first worked together.

Mentioned in the Show

Here it is ladies and gentlemen! The short film where Jason, Adrian and many others first worked together!

Malko’s Notes:

Back in 2014 I ventured to create my first short film, to say it was bad would be understatement; it’s a pile of steaming crap and I can’t stand watching it let alone the idea of it makes me upset. The problem was, it embodied ideas and thoughts of who I was back in 2014 and none of that reflected who I would become.

Upon the encouragement of some of my close friends, (who all met for the first time on this project) I’m releasing it online instead of letting it die slowly in my mind.

The whole project cost me about $5,000 CAD I paid all the actors, because I wanted to experience that movie feeling and again it was a reflection of the ideologies I had projected at the time.

This is my student film and the project that would shape my direction for years to come, when I first completed it. I loved it, I thought it was amazing and I wished for everyone to see it. Funny how time can make you dislike your own work. Enjoy!

And without further adieu, BLJZ 340.

~ Curiosity Kills


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