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Episode 22: Fable Forest Holiday Spectacular with Actor Zach Parsons!


Episode 22: Fable Forest Holiday Spectacular with Actor Zach Parsons!

Adrian and Jason sit down with actor extraordinaire Zach Parsons to reminisce about I Was a Greenhouse, Bickerman’s Grove, and Postmen! We find out what Zach has been up to these days and then get in to discussing The Fable Forest’s Top 10 Christmas Movies!

Kicking of the Episode we get into Zach’s history and what he is up to these days! Follow Zach on Twitter or Instagram!  Check out his acting chops in the films we discuss:
I Was A Greenhouse
Bickerman’s Grove

Zach and Derek were the perfect action duo in our Postmen film concept!  It’s time to find all the videos and tell the story of our time with the Cinecoup Film Challenge for sure! We all have such amazing memories of the creative process!
Then we dive into our #Top10 Christmas Movies from 10 to 1 & bring up little tidbits from each!

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What Awesome Christmas Movie didn’t make the list? Jay and Adrian agreed on Christmas Vacation!


Not a Christmas Movie but we had a little fun during trivia!

Zach’s Desert Island Movies!

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