Episode 1: Let the New Beginnings Begin!


Episode 1: Let the New Beginnings Begin!

The Fable Forest production house decides to launch their very own film podcast to talk about their journey and methods! ¬†Director Adrian Konstant says “We’re trying to crack the code! If we put 5K into a film, how do we make that money back?”


In their first show the lads, quickly introduce themselves and really try to discuss the future format of the show, sprinkling in a number of stories and oddities for you all to enjoy.


Referenced in the Show:
– A great column by @TerryRossio on not being afraid to get your work out into the world! “Steal This Column”
–¬†Is there a rift brewing for the Affleck boys?

– The West Wing and J’s trip to Washington! “Aaron Sorkin – YOU BISCUIT!”
– Much, Much…Maybe too much more!



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