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Episode 1: Let the New Beginnings Begin!


Episode 1: Let the New Beginnings Begin!

The Fable Forest production house decides to launch their very own film podcast to talk about their journey and methods!  Director Adrian Konstant says “We’re trying to crack the code! If we put 5K into a film, how do we make that money back?”


In their first show the lads, quickly introduce themselves and really try to discuss the future format of the show, sprinkling in a number of stories and oddities for you all to enjoy.


Referenced in the Show:
– A great column by @TerryRossio on not being afraid to get your work out into the world! “Steal This Column”
– Is there a rift brewing for the Affleck boys?

– The West Wing and J’s trip to Washington! “Aaron Sorkin – YOU BISCUIT!”
– Much, Much…Maybe too much more!



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